Zanzibar Island is located on the shores of Tanzania, offering a unique combination of idyllic beaches, wildlife, historic city culture and activities like no other. Originally famous for its spices and the 19th century slave trade, the island has become a destination for beach holidays, city breaks and safari excursions, offering a variety of activities to embark on.

At Kenan Travel and Tours, we offer packages that will enable you to experience activities from dolphin tours and a Sunset Dhow Cruise to tours around the islands best known towns. All of our locations are handpicked, and our holiday experiences are designed around you, catering to your budget and length of stay. With plenty to see, do and discover, it’s understandable why anyone would make Zanzibar an essential stopping point on their itinerary.

What to do in Zanzibar

Zanzibar does not fall short of beauty across the island. Their excellent reefs with colourful marine life bode well for deep sea fishing, whilst Zanzibar’s only national park, Jozani Forest, is the place to go for an abundance of safari wildlife.

In comparison, you can explore the cobbled streets of the alluring Stone Town and immerse yourself in the rich history and culture that made Zanzibar what it is today. However, with stunning powder white beaches along the coast, it’s hard not to make some time for relaxation on the beautiful East African island.

Whether you’re looking for a Zanzibar holiday, honeymoon or some post-safari relaxation, we have some amazing activities for you to discover.

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Popular Zanzibar Safari Packages

Explore some of the most popular Zanzibar safari packages, enjoyed by some of our previous customers!

Pick Your Safari Holiday Length

At Kenan Travel and Tours, we offer plenty of destinations and adventures for you to experience. With a variety of packages offering different lengths of stay, you can choose how much of Zanzibar you want to experience.

Short Stay Zanzibar Safaris

Take a trip to Zanzibar island and delve into the culture for a few days by choosing a short-stay safari.

Medium Stay Zanzibar Safaris

Visit Zanzibar to relax next to turquoise sea’s or explore the island in more depth during a medium-stay safari.

Long Stay Zanzibar Safaris

Combine white sand beaches, historic culture and both marine and safari wildlife in our long-stay Zanzibar safari packages.

Top Safari Destinations In Zanzibar

When booking your Zanzibar safari with Kenan Travel and Tours, you will be able to experience a variety of once-in-a-lifetime activities, on an island full of beauty and surprises. Discover Zanzibar’s top safari destinations and find the perfect place for you.

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The Most Exciting Zanzibar Adventure Tours

When arriving in Zanzibar, you will no doubt have your breath taken away by the stunning landscapes across the diverse island. However, the adventure tours you embark on will really make your experience. At Kenan Travel and Tours you can explore deep sea fishing, dolphin tours or an excursion around Jozani Forest. No matter what your taste, there is something for everyone in our Zanzibar adventure tours.

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