Kenya is home to spectacular wildlife, stunning landscapes, vibrant cities and beautiful beaches, forming one of the world’s most fascinating locations! If you’re looking for a safari that will allow you to experience Kenya’s unmissable locations, then look no further than Kenan Travel and Tours.

We provide once in a lifetime safari tour packages, across a variety of Kenya’s unmissable locations. Located here in Kenya ourselves, we have a vast amount of experience in providing unforgettable safari holidays, creating safari tours that are affordable and can be tailored to suit your holiday requirements, turning your safari dreams into a reality.

Kenya's National Parks

Our captivating safari adventures will give you an insight into Kenya’s remarkable National Parks. Amboseli National Park is flooded with majestic herds of elephants who grace the plains under Mount Kilimanjaro, whilst Nairobi National Park has open grassland, back dropped with the city’s skyscrapers.

At Kenan Travel and Tours, we offer an array of packages, where you can discover one or more of Kenya’s National Parks.

Discover Kenya’s Wildlife

Kenya hosts a variety of breath-taking wildlife, from their spectacular wildebeest to magnificent elephants, lion and rhino, all of which you will witness during your excursion across the beautiful National Parks and Game Reserves.

Kenya is famous for its wildebeest migration during their peak months, as they move across Masai Mara in search for greener pastures. A once in a lifetime opportunity, this is an event not to be missed.

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Pick Your Safari Holiday Length

Experience a short stay safari on one of our magnificent tours across Lake Nakuru or get lost in the mist of Kenya’s magical Tsavo East and Tsavo West National Parks for longer, with Kenan Travel’s Kenya excursions.

From 3-day safaris to 13-day packages, you will have the choice of a variety of Kenya’s National Parks and have the opportunity to combine some of the spectacular safari’s with seaside beaches. Choose from luxury to budget excursions, that suit your required length of stay and discover the perfect Kenyan safari for you.

Short Stay Kenya Safaris

Stop in Kenya for a short stay safari experience across locations such as Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Nairobi.

Medium Stay Kenya Safaris

If you’re looking to combine an abundance of National Parks, we have a selection of medium-stay packages to ensure you get the best out of your trip.

Long Stay Kenya Safaris

On a long stay safari, you will have plenty of time to explore the different cultures, wildlife, landscapes and beaches Kenya has to offer.

Top Safari Destinations In Kenya

Kenya poses a top destination for those who love adventure and wildlife, offering a selection of locations they’ll remember forever. Discover our top Kenya safari destinations and choose the location that will fulfil your safari visions.

Tailor Your Dream Safari By Speaking to an Expert

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The Most Exciting Kenya Adventure Tours

Not only do we provide unforgettable Kenya safari excursions, but we have a range of adventures you can embark on during your stay. Trek through hills on a mountain climb tour or experience the spectacular array of birds on one of our birding safaris, and if they aren’t for you, you can always take a trip to view the elusive mountain gorillas in Uganda.

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