Spice Island Tour - Zanzibar

The history of Zanzibar would be incomplete without the cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and many other spices which are essential ingredient in a Zanzibari’s everyday life, it is the island’s connection to spices and herbs. Zanzibar and Spice is a romantic entanglement that dates back to the 16th century. Apart from being an important commodity on the trade routes. They can be seen in the plantations just outside Zanzibar town, this is also a fantastic opportunity to see the countryside and rural areas of Zanzibar and also connect with local people.

We have developed a special Spice Tour with in-depth information not only about spices, but also organically grown herbs and detailed descriptions about their uses in traditional dishes, as cures for ailments and even for dyeing traditional ceremonial outfits for weddings and festivals. We have knowledgeable guides trained by a famous herbalist in Zanzibar Mr. Madawa.

Our guided walking tour passes through villages and spice plantations, a walk through the farms as spice farms workers climbs trees, seek out specific plants and cuts off various barks, letting you see, feel and taste everything.

You will be decorated with palm-leaf accessories such as ties, rings, bracelets and glasses. At the Spice farms you will have an opportunity to taste some of the exotic fruits of Zanzibar.

After the tour we invite you for an opulent traditional Swahili lunch served in a local house, here you will get a really taste of the spices in the food. The tour includes visiting the Kidichi Persian Baths built in 1850 by the first Sultan of Zanzibar as a gift for his Persian wife.

At the Spice farms is the best place to buy fresh spices directly from the source.

At the Spice farms is the best place to buy fresh spices directly from the source. You will be overwhelmed by the abundance of botanical species growing in these gardens, from exotic spices to fruits and vegetables. Nevertheless, the spices are not the only thing to be impressed by whilst on your trip.

Alongside the spice tour, you can visit the neighbouring Prison Island, or alternatively, take a tour around Stone Town. As the spice tour means you will be nearby Stone Town, you can take a walk through different stone building architectures, whilst visiting well mounted museums. You can also take the opportunity to witness the magical sunset. At the docking area you can take a night boat back to Dar or witness it from Stone Town during the evening. A few days exploring these magical destinations will make for a one in a lifetime experience.

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