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Before you plan a trip to Kenya, it is important to have a well thought idea of where you will be spending on arrival to Kenya. International flights are via JKIA (Jomo Kenyatta International Airport) en routing you to the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi City.

At landing you have to take care of your travel documents such as your passport, international driving license etc for clearance with the Kenya immigration department and for preparedness for a self drive if you intend to hire a car for a self drive.

Driving in Kenya is easy and fun. However you need to follow instructions given on local travel by your car hire company. Learn all that you need to to know to drive in Kenyan roads. We recommend hiring a van with Kenan Tours and Travel vans.

Remember to take some of the items listed below before traveling to Kenya from your country of residence.

Checklist of accompaniments when traveling to Kenya.

  1. Traveling Luggage: You need to be well equipped with clothing to use during your stay in Kenya. Warm clothing may be necessary if you will be taking night out adventure safaris or bonfire adventure safaris in you visits. You may want to travel to Masai Mara game reserve for fun and experience one of the largest diverse ecosystem in Africa. If you don’t plan to carry clothing with you, you can shop at duty free shops in the JKIA or some of the big malls in Nairobi city. You can also plan to buy locally made Maasai clothing to add on to your luggage for fun.
  2. Credit cards and local currency for your expenditure while in Kenya. It is important to carry your credit card for shopping in the big malls and some currency converted to the local Kenya Shilling which is widely accepted in the country. There are enough Forex Bureau shops in Nairobi including the JKIA.
  3. Other thing to consider include, communication gadgets such as mobile phones. Kenya has mobile phone networks that cover a wide area and roaming facilities are covered. Check with your mobile company or roaming services to Kenya. Your guide will also have communication radio for remote access within Kenya.
  4. Finally, plan you itinerary in Advance and let Kenan Tours and Travel plan it for you. It is exciting, fun as you discover the inner taste of Africa.

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